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Training is one of the most important functions of a modern fire rescue agency. For Greater Naples Fire Rescue to fulfill its mission of service to the community, the Training Section must monitor changing environments and requirements and provide adequate training opportunities for personnel to respond safely to an emergency. The mission of the Training Section is to enhance service delivery by providing safe, high quality, progressive, and effective training, education, and professional development programs.

The Training Section consists of an Assistant Chief of Training, a Division Chief of EMS, a Training Captain of Fire, one Lieutenant of Fire Training, one Lieutenant of EMS Training.

• The Assistant Chief oversees the management of the section, ensures quality control and compliance, advises on program development and strategic guidance, and works with local, state, and regional partners to ensure the sustainability and relevancy of programs, The Assistant Chief is responsible for maintenance of skills and certification of all fire department personnel. Develops strategies for ISO compliance, supports Battalion Chiefs and company officers with station training programs, and coordinates and delivers training on vehicle extrication, multi-company drills, wildland safety, and new employee orientation.
The Training Section Assistant Chief also oversees Special Operations and Acquired Structures including management of our four programs: Dive Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue Team 635, and Hazardous Materials response. Working with team leaders, ensures compliance with best practices, develops team budgets, and works with local, regional, and state partners to maintain a best practice strategy. Additionally, coordinates specialty training opportunities, including acquired structure training and compliance with applicable NFPA Standards.

• The Division Chief of EMS monitors trends in EMS, advises on best practices, delivers training and ensures quality control and compliance with EMS standards, works with local, regional, and state partners to ensure our EMS programs align with cutting edge practices.

• The Training Captain works under the direction of the Assistant Chief, is the lead instructor during training sessions, is responsible for assisting in the development of and delivering quality training through defined objectives and proving direction to associate instructors. The safety of the personnel on the training ground is paramount and the Training Captain can be the head Safety Officer during training sessions. The Training Captain is a Safety Officer for the District and available for assignment on emergency incidents.

• The Training Lieutenants assist in developing and delivering training either with the Training Captain or on their own through lesson plans and defined objectives. They are responsible for the safety of personnel on the training ground. The Training Lieutenants are Safety Officers for the District and available for assignment on emergency incidents.

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